Sudoku Demo of Knights Corner

My team and I (Gary McGuire, Bastian Tugemann, Gilles Civario) recently proved that sudoku needs at least 17 clues.

This result got a lot of media attention – follow any of the links on our website:

Our proof uses mathematics and clever programming. We used the Stokes cluster machine at ICHEC, which uses Intel Westmere processors.

At the end of this year, Intel will release the Knights Corner processor. They announced this at the International Supercomputing Conference last week.  At the SGI stand, Gilles Civario demonstrated the Knights Corner chip running our code and searching for 17 clue sudoku puzzles. This is the world’s first outside demo of the new chips.

The screen is showing this:

Here is the handout with more information which was available at ISC:

Sudoku Demo ISC Handout

We were not finding any new 17-clue sudoku puzzles.  For the demo, we were only finding already known puzzles.


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