Ranking subjects by difficulty

After woffling on about ranking things, I saw in today’s Irish Times online that “The key proposals include a new ranking system where each Leaving Cert subject would be ranked in relation to its difficulty.” This comes from an IUA report.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the meeting when subjects are actually ranked according to difficulty. I wonder how this would be done.

The IUA report also suggests we use grades of A, B, C… only. Minister Quinn wants fewer university CAO courses.  If that all sounds familiar, it’s because we had this 20 years ago.  They say all things are cyclical.

The article also says “In a separate development, Trinity College Dublin is to pilot a radical new approach where student interviews, personal statements and teacher references are used for college entry.”  Not so radical – this is the American system. A combination of these things with Leaving Certificate grades would be a good system.

Anything that moves towards the abolition of the points system is to be welcomed.


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