Percentage of Academic/Non-Academic Staff

Figures were released (via Dáil written answers) for Irish third-level institutions of the percentage of staff that are academic and non-academic.

ImageThis is a screenshot from the post.

UCD and TCD are the only institutions where academic staff are less than 50%.

The average percentage of academic staff across Irish universities is 52.4%. Across all universities in Australia, the interesting article here from Australia states that the average percentage of academic staff is 45%. In the UK it is 48%. There must be a balance point that maximizes efficiency of the system. I find it hard to believe that less than 50% academic staff is optimal, but I haven’t done any studies.

The Economist posted a humorous 1955 article by Parkinson, which contains Parkinson’s Law “work expands to fill the time available for its completion” and a funny yet realistic treatise on the growth of public administrative departments.



5 thoughts on “Percentage of Academic/Non-Academic Staff

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  2. I have a friend who used who worked in a role that often involved him having to get numbers like these from the universities. It drove him nuts so it is an achievement that this information has been obtained! Nothing like a PQ I suppose. The data seem to suggest that the level of administration increases with the size of the institution which is not altogether suprising. Maybe those advocating mergers should think about that.

  3. Yes, it’s more than a little surprising. After all, your typical academic dept will have 10-20 lecturers, a head of department and 1-2 secretaries (sorry administrators). In the IoTs, it often rises to 40-50 lecturers in a dept, with 2-3 administrators. Of course, there is much admin in admissions, exams and student services – but how does it rise to 50%?
    Would love to see the breakdown for any one college…

  4. Do we know if there’s any difference in how they counted in each? For example, do postdocs/research assistants fall into the same category in each count?

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